About Grateful Apparel

In 2008, Raymond Rivera was swimming in his friend's swimming pool in Orlando, FL, and it hit him! “I’m gonna make some cool tees!” He walked out of the pool dripping wet, walked straight into his friends home office, grabbed a napkin and started doodling. He always used the phrase “Thank you Lord”, so he wanted to incorporate that into the logo. Three minutes later, he was staring at the new TYL logo. That was the beginning of a journey that would change the course of his life. Grateful Apparel had been birthed.

He hasn't stopped working since that day!

Grateful Apparel is a lifestyle brand influenced by rock, hiphop, bmx, and skate culture. The apparel produced in urban streetwear tends to stem from these cultures, which entails the good, bad, and the ugly. Rivera saw the common thread among most brands in the industry and decided to go against the grain. Carving a lane, not specific to any genre, but a brand that highlighted gratitude, something every person could support and appreciate.

Since making this the mission of the company, Grateful has managed to build an international fan and consumer base, collaborating with artists like Andy Mineo & Bizzle, as well as New York Times Bestseller, Jefferson Bethke. Grateful has sold tens of thousands of apparel worldwide, but more importantly, proceeds from Grateful are used to help fund The 3Sixty House (a non profit transitional home geared toward helping those in need). Rivera runs The 3Sixty House, and founded it before Grateful Apparel began.

Grateful is devoted to producing premium quality products, matched with supreme service to our supporters. Grateful offers a range of t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, headgear, accessories, skateboards and more. Having a strong design aesthetic, and a commitment for creating high quality goods, Grateful Apparel has been embraced by the streetwear community, creating a demand for its products.

Under Rivera’s leadership, design and aesthetic, Grateful continues to evolve and flourish among an ever changing culture. Whether an artist, bmx rider, subway worker, athlete or teacher we all have something to be Grateful about.