• The SS GRATE Life Zip Up Hood

    Posted on February 26 2014

    The SS GRATE Life Zip Up Hood. -Why a Cruise Ship You Ask?Well a Cruise Ship usually takes you someplace exotic, Paradise if you will. I'm not sure about you,...

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    Posted on November 01 2013


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  • Motives

    Posted on August 13 2013

    It’s funny, my neighbor hardly says anything to me. Sometimes I even  go out of my way to catch eye contact with her just to say hello  A lot of...

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    Posted on April 04 2013

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  • I Got SAVED!!!!

    Posted on March 03 2013

    It's common to hear or even say it ourselves, that we're SAVED... or I got SAVED on such and such date, or I've been SAVED for this long... Ext. Today...

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  • Stuck.

    Posted on February 16 2013

     A while ago I was watching my 11 month old son, he was playing with the cabinet door that’s under the kitchen sink. Swinging it open and then swinging it...

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  • Wow, Almost 4 Years Later!

    Posted on December 14 2012

    Almost 4 years ago I was swimming in my friends pool, in Orlando Florida, when it hit me! "I'm gonna make some cool tees" I walked right out of his...

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